Frequently Asked Questions

What key literacy areas are covered by the program?

LiteracyPlanet is a comprehensive literacy resource that covers Pre-Reading, Phonics, Sight Words, Vocabulary, Spelling, Reading, Comprehension, Grammar and Punctuation. Activities areinteractive, fun and engaging.

Is the program suitable for preschool aged children?

YES. Pre-reading content is aimed at improving reading readiness and articulation. The program provides high-quality play-based exercises aimed at developing a child’s visual and auditory perception, alphabet knowledge and letter sound recognition.

Is LiteracyPlanet safe to use?

YES. LiteracyPlanet provides a safe learning environment. Students only interact with others using predetermined messages that are designed to foster a spirit of support, encouragement and shared learning. No private details are accessible.

Can I keep track of my child’s progress?

Parents have access to reports in the ‘Admin’ section of the program. A report is instantly generated for every exercise completed. Teaching tips are available to help parents understand the nature of the literacy skills tested.

Can I cancel if my school joins LiteracyPlanet?

Yes, let us know and you can cancel your monthly home subscription. We can even transfer your child’s account to the school so they don’t lose their progress.

Will LiteracyPlanet improve my child’s literacy performance?

YES. LiteracyPlanet was written by experienced Australian educators and literacy specialists. LiteracyPlanet will improve a child’s literacy outcomes, while boosting their confidence as a learner. Students can work at their own pace or compete against other students in real-time literacy games.